Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra updates DXO camera firmware, Android Light is upgraded again

On April 30, Xiaomi officially announced that Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra will officially push the DXOMARK camera firmware update. According to the official introduction, this update is the most important camera update for Xiaomi 11 Pro & Ultra since it went on sale. In this update, there will be 13 camera upgrades and optimizations, including some optimizations based on user feedback from the previous version. Xiaomi officially also showed the optimization of four typical scenarios brought about by this update. Xiaomi said that the advanced version of the DXOMARK camera firmware includes months of optimized integration, but it is definitely not the end. In the future, Xiaomi will invest in all corrections and optimizations based on every user's opinion and feedback of every scene. In addition, the Xiaomi community will also open a special communication channel for users and R&D. On May 7th, 20-21 o'clock in the "Person in Charge Online" column, engineers from the camera department's hardware, algorithm, adjustment, image quality and other departments will take turns to meet with users face-to-face. , Face the problem and feedback.