X60 real shot proofs Liu Wen's fourth endorsement of vivo phone

As an important part of the vivo brand product line, the X series has always performed well in fashion and imaging. Judging from the Vlog and shooting proofs released by vivo's official Weibo, the imaging effect of the vivo X60 series is better than before. In the previous X50 series, the ultra-stable micro-head is one of the highly acclaimed features. Judging from the exposure proofs of the X60 series, the ZEISS Zeiss logo has been printed on the lower left corner: this optical lens jointly developed by vivo and Zeiss lays a solid foundation for the high-quality imaging quality of the X60 series. Judging from the posters exposed yesterday, the back of the vivo X60 series is also marked with Zeiss's "little blue label", which is blessed with faith and full of virtue. Finally, cousin Liu Wen also invited everyone to witness the second-generation micro-head technology of the vivo X60 series. We infer from this that the official release of the vivo X60 series is getting closer and closer. For more news about the vivo X60 series, please pay attention to our follow-up reports.