WWDC21: Apple introduced Siri to third-party devices for the first time

In the future, it will be possible for us to use Siri in many non-Apple products, because Apple introduced its intelligent voice assistant to third-party devices and platforms for the first time, allowing companies that support HomeKit to integrate Siri into their devices. Apple announced in the WWDC keynote that Siri will be available on third-party devices later in 2021. With this support, HomeKit accessory manufacturers will be able to integrate Siri into their own devices. With third-party support, users will be able to access Siri and issue voice commands to third-party products. Apple demonstrated this by asking Siri on the Ecobee smart learning thermostat. However, Apple has not announced a comprehensive list of devices and brands that support Siri. Apple said that Siri on third-party devices will support multiple functions such as "personal requests, walkie-talkies, timers, and alarms."