With users as the core, continue to unlock 618 new miles, Jingdong and Honor go hand in hand

At 618 this year, Honor Mobile's official WeChat account posted a piece of content to thank Jingdong for the "milestone" trophy. The clearly visible "Honor Mobile won the six consecutive sales of Jingdong 618 mobile phone", which also shows that consumers love stand by. It can be said that under the in-depth cooperation between Honor and JD.com, the overall sales of the Honor brand have been reported frequently. Based on this, the omni-channel integration and one-stop service capabilities established by JD.com have become an accelerator for the development of the Honor brand. Just in March of this year, the strategic cooperation between JD Home and Honor was upgraded again, and the two joined forces to explore a new model of mobile phone retail. Today, JD 618 is still going on. JD.com, together with Honor, will continue to increase its efforts to provide consumers with higher-quality products and services. And what sales highlights will be created by the national brand Honor, let us continue to pay attention.