With the Z66 fourth-generation business office notebook to achieve freedom of battery life

Later, it was discovered that the HP and 66 fourth-generation Ryzen version was on the market. One of the highlights is the substantial increase in battery life, which completely solved the problem of battery anxiety. Zhan 66 fourth-generation Ryzen notebook has a built-in 45Wh high-density long-life battery, and supports fast charging technology, which can be charged to 50% in 30 minutes. CPPC technology can intelligently manage the operating status of the processor, automatically adjust the processor's frequency, voltage, power consumption, etc., so that the Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors can maintain the best operating status at any time. In addition, WeChat save files sometimes expire and delete without checking in time, which is also a very headache, and files transferred with Jinshan document links will not have the problem of being cleaned up. In general, the comprehensive strength of the HP and 66 fourth-generation Ryzen version cannot be underestimated. With the support of the Zen3 Ryzen processor, it can easily cope with various daily tasks and provide an efficient and stable experience.