Who will become the "four little dragons" of medical imaging AI?

He is the chairman of MICCAI 2019, the top medical imaging AI conference. In 2021, the H index is as high as 110, and he is ranked 145th among the world's top 1,000 computer science and electronics scholars. Another co-CEO, Dr. Zhou Xiang, is the former global head of Siemens Computer Aided Testing and Diagnosis Division. Such a configuration of "academic and industrial twins" is rare in the field of medical imaging AI. In other words, there are three types of certificates that cannot determine whether a medical imaging AI company can become the "Four Little Dragons". Medical equipment has a strict hierarchical management system. For this reason, standardization and rigor are synonymous with the three types of medical device certificates. If a threshold is to be set for the "Four Little Dragons" of medical imaging AI, the three types of certificates are definitely the most important one. In 2020, Keya Medical has completed 5 rounds of financing, with a financing amount of approximately 850 million yuan.