White-collar light luxury office new weapon, HP Spectre x360 14 transformable experience

The four-sided ultra-narrow bezel design allows the screen to have a screen-to-body ratio of up to 90%, making it more immersive whether it is creating or watching movies. In addition, this screen also supports 100% sRGB high color gamut, and can automatically switch the screen display color gamut according to the use scene, which can perfectly present accurate and delicate colors. With EVO certification, it means that this product must have a faster response time. The connection supports Raiden 4, Wi-Fi 6+ networks, 4 hours of charging for 30 minutes, and the battery life under FHD is not less than 9 hours. . The power of the CPU is not all of the notebook. If you want to start the system quickly, run large applications smoothly, or copy large data, you can't do without the credit of memory and solid state drives. Written at the end Spectre x360 14 touchable and transformable laptop with light and luxurious appearance and smarter and more intimate screen equipment is definitely born for the efficient office of fashion elites.