What kind of sweeping robot is smart? Stone T7S Plus reveals the answer for you

Stone T7S Plus is equipped with a brand-new RR mason 8.0 3D algorithm system, which has been fully upgraded in map building, planning, and relief scenarios. Equipped with this technology, Roborock T7S Plus is smarter than traditional sweeping robots equipped with LDS lidar or sweeping machines equipped with only gyroscopes to record path data. It can actively detect obstacles in front of it during cleaning. And will intelligently avoid according to the size of obstacles. Rock T7S Plus's intelligent lifting and wiping system can also perform intelligent lifting under obstacles, skidding, etc., effectively reducing the resistance of the fuselage, making the ability to escape difficulties further, without the user's constant attention in use, allowing users to have a further step. Experience. The Roborock T7S Plus also has a very good performance in the cleaning ability of the sweeping and mopping robot.