NIO's official second-hand car is suspected of concealing maintenance information, can the owner get a "refund of one for three"?

For this reason, Mr. Liu believes that NIO has the problem of concealing the condition of the car. On April 19, due to a traffic accident, Mr. Liu sent the car to the official service outlet of NIO for repair. At this time, Mr. Liu found that the car body had some traces of suspected repair. On June 8, NIO provided Mr. Liu with written information about the detailed maintenance information of the car. The document pointed out that many parts of the car had been painted and repaired, and the brake discs of the left and right rear wheels had been replaced. . However, Mr. Liu said that he has not yet received the "Official Used Car Inspection Confirmation". If the two parties fail to reach an agreement, the car owner can request a third-party mediation organization to mediate, report it to the market supervision department, or directly file a lawsuit in the people's court. NIO's official information pointed out that the average selling price of its auto models reached 437,000 yuan (USD $62429) .