NIO was on the spot to switch power stations, and only 4 cars came to switch power in 400 minutes

Up to now, NIO has only 13 replacement stations in the Guangzhou administrative region. DA did a field survey in the dumbest way. This NIO Power Exchange Station located on Yijing Road, Haizhu District is a first-generation station. Compared with the second-generation station, the power-swap time is slightly longer. Under the premise of "replacement at the station", a single power-swap time is about 10 minutes. We arranged for the editor to squat at the NIO Swap Station located on Yijing Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City. The results showed that the actual utilization rate of the Swap Station was lower than our estimate. Owner A lives near the swap station. He thinks NIO's swap service is very convenient. Sure enough, a few minutes later, a NIO ES8 arrived. Although Guangzhou is one of the cities with the highest density of power stations in NIO in the country, up to now, there are 13 power stations in the administrative area of Guangzhou on the NIO APP, accounting for nearly 5% of the total number of power stations in NIO nationwide.