NIO Li Bin: The gross profit rate growth of more than 20% has reached a relatively healthy state

According to news on the morning of April 30, Beijing time, it is reported that NIO Automobile today released the company's first quarter 2021 financial report as of March 31. The first is about our gross profit margin, and the second is about the shortage of chips that investors are more concerned about. The gross profit margin has indeed improved very well from the fourth quarter of last year to the first quarter of this year. Among them, 5000 is a 100kW battery pack, and 8000 is a NIO Pilot. I think there may be several factors affecting our profit margins in the second quarter, such as NIO Pilot, 100kW battery packs, chip prices and so on. Everyone knows that NIO's current board of directors, we hope to increase some diversification and increase some flexibility. Of course, the final approval of the directors will still follow the decision of the board of directors. It is not the right to appoint but the right to nominate. So our board of directors is reminding shareholders to make such an approval.