NIO goes to sea, independent high-end reverse output

NIO model transplantation strategy On the afternoon of May 6, NIO officially released the Norwegian strategy, taking the first step of "going to sea". Even when NIO is still releasing its strategy, it has launched the recruitment of a "user advisory group" for local consumers. It can be said that the pixel level has reproduced its gameplay with users in China. Norway, with a total population of more than 5 million, cannot keep up with most of the capital cities in the country. The only thing worth mentioning is that among these 140,000 units, there are 76,000 electric vehicles, accounting for more than 50%. Weimar signed an agreement of intent with UBER last year to export the EX5 as a commercial vehicle to Europe. In this case, choosing Norway as the first stop is relatively wise. Therefore, NIO APP and NIO Life will continue to play an important role in the process of brand building. NIO also said that the Norwegian market does not set a sales target in the short term and is prepared for losses. Towards such a goal, marching into Norway can only be regarded as a small step.