Wang Chuanfu: BYD will be equipped with blade batteries in all series in the future

On April 7, BYD, the leader of new energy vehicles, officially announced that from now on, all its pure electric models will be fully equipped with blade batteries, and acupuncture testing will be fully adopted as the corporate standard. Wang Chuanfu said that China is the largest oil consumer and importer, and its dependence on foreign countries exceeds 70%. The security of energy supply poses a large potential threat. Moreover, the greatest luxury of a car lies in its safety. As the first model equipped with a blade battery, BYD Han has sold more than 10,000 in April, setting another record for a domestic brand. BYD Han is the first model in the C-class sedan market that has continuously sold more than 10,000 in the Chinese automobile industry in more than 60 years. Starting today, BYD's pure electric models have fully launched acupuncture tests as an enterprise standard. The car chip problem is only one of the butterfly effects caused by the epidemic. Currently, the country is facing difficulties and human security is threatened. We must do something.