Vivo S9 is incredibly thin? Cai Xukun challenges the narrowest bowling lane

On February 22, the vivo official announced that it would officially release the new vivo S9 on March 3. On the same day, three new machine promotional videos were released to create momentum for the vivo S9. Following yesterday's super warm-up, vivo released a new warm-up video again on February 23, and popular star Cai Xukun also appeared in the video.

In fact, in the three warm-up videos released yesterday, three vivo S series spokespersons showed everyone the slim side frame of the vivo S9 at the end of the warm-up video, indicating that the vivo S9 will have thin and light features. Since it is the main light and thin, then vivo S9 will present the ultimate effect in the feel. In addition, looking at the vivo S series products, the high-value appearance is also one of the reasons why it has attracted much attention. At 19:30 on March 3rd, the vivo S9 new machine launch conference will be officially held, when the mystery of the machine will be revealed, it is worth looking forward to.