vivo OriginOS Ocean in-depth experience: Zero-level interaction reduces the burden on digital life

For example, the "Taxi" atomic component launched by vivo and Baidu Maps allows users to implement a series of operations such as one-click taxi-hailing, checking estimated prices, and previewing the license plate number through the component. All taxi-hailing can be completed on the desktop without opening the APP. Process experience. At the same time, when the user uses the Baidu Maps APP to take a taxi, the order status and other information will also be automatically updated to the desktop component, which is convenient for quickly understanding the driver's distance, license plate number and other information, and the driver and passenger information is clear at a glance. Nationwide K Songs also launched the atomic component of "Listen to Works". Alipay's atomic component can display today's stock market conditions on the desktop, as well as display the rise and fall of self-selected stocks, so that you can quickly understand stock information on the desktop. When using online car-hailing, the capsule notification in the upper left corner will display the license plate number, and the background color is the same as the color of the vehicle.