Vivo launches 18 caring services, 618 purchases more worry-free

Vivo is a brand that has always paid attention to after-sales. For users of vivo mobile phones, whether they want to change the film, cover the case, or need repairs due to product problems, the staff can help you solve them at the nearest after-sales outlet. Specifically, handheld models within two years of the market can enjoy free filming service; products within the warranty period can receive the original mobile phone protective cover for free; ordinary users can enjoy at least one two-way mail-free repair service each year; There will also be various discounts or services on the vivo membership day every month. It should be noted that when vivo repairs our products, the replacement parts are guaranteed to be brand new parts from the original factory, so that the product performance is not discounted. In addition, vivo's offline service outlets are more extensive, making it more efficient and very convenient.