Two new Galaxy Watch models appearing at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will be equipped with 8GB RAM and 330mAh capacity battery

Part of the information leaked two months ago showed that Samsung's new Galaxy Watch will become the successor to non-fitness-based smart watches. According to the report, one of the highlights of this device is the stainless steel version, which is available in two versions, Bluetooth and LTE, and in two sizes, and provides a larger battery capacity. It is reported that even the smaller version is equipped with a 330mAh capacity battery, which is much larger than the 247mAh battery in the current Galaxy Watch Active 2, and this smartwatch will have 8GB of storage space, which can be inserted more. Lots of music without the constraints of smart phones. Now two new generations of Galaxy Watch have passed the certification of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website, confirming that the models SM-R840 and Samsung SM-R850 both have Bluetooth and WIFI functions. Unfortunately, the certification information does not provide other useful information, such as whether it supports virtual bezels and so on. It is estimated that these two new smart watches will be launched together with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 at the end of this year. I hope that by then, Samsung can also solve the problem of the ECG function.