Tsinghua Yao Ban, PhD in Computer Science at MIT: Why do we have to enter the AI pharmacy market early?

Recently, Leifeng.com's "Medical AI Nuggets" with the theme of "AI Pharmaceutical·The Next Phenomenon Track" invited Baitu Biosciences, Jitai Pharmaceutical, Unknown Jun, Wangshi Wisdom, Yingxi Intelligent, Xingyao Six pioneering companies in science and technology held an online cloud summit. Li Chengtao said that in summary, AI pharmacy mainly includes two types of problems. The first is classification and regression, to know exactly what the properties of a new molecule are, and the second is generation and design to find out which are good molecules and those that are bad. . That is, after throwing the molecule into the AI pharmacy model, it can not only tell us whether the toxicity is good, but also find out which module or group caused it. In addition, the process cost is extremely high. On average, the total cost of a new drug from the source to the official launch of the drug is very high. So what kind of applications does AI have in the field of medicine?