Together with Hans Zimmer, Find X3 comes with amazing ringtones

Because this time OPPO has collaborated with the legendary composer Hans Zimmer to bring a very beautiful and sci-fi ringtone to Find X3. Recently, the foreign media The Verge has performed another interpretation of the ringtones of the OPPO Find X3 series, which also allows us to have a deeper understanding of the cooperation between OPPO and Hans Zimmer. And he was already intoxicated and couldn't stop. Take this Find X3 series as an example, OPPO designers used a design language called "crater mountain" for it. In addition, OPPO Find X3 not only has a "cosmic Mocha" that pays tribute to space imagination, but also matches different colors for different body colors to achieve a harmonious unity of color and feel. In addition to this music called "Colorful Future", OPPO Find X3 also has many custom ringtones. If you want to experience content beyond these parameters, you might as well start with an OPPO Find X3.