Three 64 million main camera blessings? ZTE Axon30 Ultra image configuration official announcement

This afternoon, ZTE Mobile announced on its official Weibo that the rear image module of the upcoming ZTE Axon30 Ultra will be equipped with a triple main camera + zoom periscope lens. It is reported that the rear image module of ZTE Axon30 Ultra uses a 64 million pixel superhuman main camera + 64 million super sensitive main camera + 64 million super wide-angle main camera + 8 million super zoom periscope lens combination. Ni Fei, president of ZTE's terminal business unit, also stated on Weibo that the three main cameras of ZTE Axon30 Ultra are equipped with super night scene AI algorithms. Judging from the two proofs released by Ni Fei, shooting the same scene on ZTE Axon30 Ultra can generate two kinds of night scene imaging, which is brighter and darker. Users can choose the night shooting effect that suits their tastes according to their preferences. It is reported that ZTE Axon30 series will be officially released on April 15th, and those who are interested may wish to pay attention to it.