Thousand yuan price ushered in another rookie: OPPO A53 5G mobile phone

The Antutu run is divided into 250,000 points, which is the mainstream level at the price of a thousand yuan machine. It is effortless to run mobile games such as King Honor and QQ Speed. In the endurance test, the battery capacity of the OPPO A53 5G is 4040mAh. During the endurance test, the brightness and volume are adjusted to 50%. Each application runs for one hour. As can be seen in the figure, these applications do not pose any threat to the high-capacity battery of the A53 5G. The battery life of the A53 5G is very good. A large part of the mobile phone consumer groups are workers, students, middle-aged and elderly people who do not require much mobile phone functions. Often a thousand yuan phone is enough. High-end mobile phones are not needed by everyone. OPPO A53 5G lowers the threshold of 5G mobile phones, allowing thousands of yuan phone users to experience the speed of 5G networks and keep up with the times.