Third-party accessories can access Apple's "find" function and call U1 chip

Apple announced early this morning that its official application "Find" will support third-party product access. This means that users can use this feature in the future to find certified products or accessories on iOS/iPadOS/macOS devices and web pages. According to Apple, the first batch of connected brands are Belkin, Chipolo and VanMoof. Related products include electric bicycles, anti-lost devices and earphones, which will go on sale next week. According to the official picture, for third-party products, Apple will provide similar functions, including lost mode, locking the product, and controlling the headset to play sound. In addition, Apple is also formulating U1 specifications for chip manufacturers, so that third-party devices can also use the U1 ultra-wideband chip built into Apple devices. Apple currently has built-in U1 ultra-wideband chips in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series of smartphones.