There are also these new functions and features in iOS 15

Apple has released iOS 15 early this morning, but time is limited, and Apple is unable to introduce the new features in the new system one by one. Current iCloud subscribers will be automatically upgraded to iCloud+ this fall. -HomeKit accessory manufacturers can now add "Hey Siri" to their products, and users can talk to Siri on third-party devices and get a response. Accessories with "Hey Siri" enabled can send requests via HomePod or HomePod mini, and support functions such as private requests, broadcasts, timers, and alarms. Starting today, smart home device manufacturers can work with Apple to incorporate Siri into their accessories. When the user leaves the AirTag, Apple device, or accessories that support the search network in an unfamiliar location, the missing reminder will be notified, and the search network now supports AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. The system-level translation function allows users to translate text anywhere on the iPhone. The voice command customizes the switching control, allowing the user to make a sound through the mouth to control the device.