The US media screamed that Mach-E is "really fragrant." Can the electric Mustang squeeze Tesla in China?

The following article is from Auto Byte, author Auto Byte Author/Angelina C. Recently, Morgan Stanley released the US car sales report for February. The report pointed out that Tesla's share of the BEV market dropped sharply from 81% last year to 69%, and Ford MustangMach-E accounted for nearly 100% of Tesla's lost share. The Mach-E, which will soon be domestically produced in China, became a hot product when it started pre-sale in North America, and even required a price increase. With a 32A adapter, you can get a charge of about 30 miles per hour. Therefore, it is difficult to reproduce the situation of Mach-E in North America in short supply and even increased price sales in China. However, from the perspective of its software and hardware technology and quality, it can also become a strong competitor of Tesla and new power brands in China. This technology will help drivers predict risks, improve driving safety and traffic efficiency.