The ultimate light and thin user experience Xiaomi Mi 11 Youth Edition review

6.81mm Extremely thin and light design Mi 11 Youth Edition may be the current thin and light 5G mobile phone. The appearance continues the iconic design of the Xiaomi Mi 11 series, and the rear lens module is still the 11 family-style two-step style. In terms of details, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Youth Edition is redesigned for young people, with some simplifications while making the details more refined. The main frequency of the other three A78 cores has reached 2.2GHz, which can continuously and smoothly output performance and ensure the overall performance release of 780G. However, in view of the thin and light body design, this problem is still within an acceptable range. Compared with other 5G mobile phones currently on the market, the lightness and thinness is the biggest advantage of the Xiaomi Mi 11 Youth Edition. The comfortable feel brought by the extreme lightness and thinness is unachievable by other mobile phones. Coupled with the consistently excellent screen experience of the Xiaomi Mi 11 series, these are the biggest plus points of this product.