The sweeping machine market ushered in an escalation in demand, how to meet? The answer is as follows

Since the birth of the home appliance of this category of robot cleaners, after years of development, at this stage, it has become more and more a new choice for many families. And in 2020, due to the epidemic, the online sales of sweeping robots increased significantly year-on-year by 24.1%. Sweeping robots are getting more and more attention from families. 3. In terms of product intelligence attributes, it is hoped that the product can have good obstacle avoidance capabilities. In the report, for the high cleaning power users expect, the Roborock T7S Plus is equipped with a single-sided brush design, which can perform more in-depth cleaning of corners, walls and other parts, avoiding corners in the home Become a sanitary blind spot. The Roborock T7S Plus is also the industry's first sweeping and mopping robot to introduce an intelligent lifting and mopping system. It can automatically lift the mopping module on the carpet to avoid contact between the carpet and the mop and complete the high-quality cleaning of the carpet.