The stylish choice for mobile office Surface Laptop 4 Reviews

The C surface of Surface Laptop 4 has two materials, namely Alcantara material and metal material. The textures brought by the two materials are completely different. The keyboard input feel of Surface Laptop 4 is very good. The 1.3mm keystroke can accurately give input feedback. The keyboard has a small trigger force, and it will not cause the burden of fingers after long-term use. It is suitable for daily office use. The charger of Surface Laptop 4 adopts magnetic adsorption to fit the body. The Surface Laptop 4 is equipped with a 65W power supply. The size is not large, similar to a mouse, and it is more convenient to carry. The configuration version of this test is Core i5-1135G7. At the same time, i5-1135G7 adopts Willow Cover CPU architecture, 4 cores 8 threads, silent frequency 2.4GHz, maximum core frequency can reach 4.2GHz. 3DMark Time Spy is a DX12 benchmark test, which can separately test GPU and CPU support for DX12. It is mainly suitable for gaming laptops. The result shows a comprehensive score of 2175, a graphics card score of 1343, and a CPU score of 5076.