The student party cried happily! The True Self GT Neo makes it easy for the Z generation to have leapfrog flagship performance

The first half of this year was very friendly to the student party, and a variety of cost-effective performance flagships were unveiled one after another. If you say which model is the most trendy and most suitable for student parties, I believe many netizens will give the answer to the realme GT Neo just launched. As the second performance flagship of Realme's “dual flagship” development strategy this year, the Realme GT Neo has accomplished the tasks assigned by realme. It has a technologically-sense cyberpunk appearance, leapfrog-like configuration, and a starting price of 1,799 yuan (USD $257) . This is the advantage of this performance flagship. Real Self GT Neo can be said to be specially built for the student party. The game experience and the appearance of the sense of technology are what they value most. When viewing this phone from different directions, the real GT Neo will show gradual neon colors. In addition, the real GT Neo also brings a comfortable feel. The thin and light body of 8.4mm and 179g makes the student party handy when playing games, and it will not appear to be tingling when holding for a long time.