The second generation of Xiaomi AI speakers is here, only 199 yuan (USD $28) , will be on sale tomorrow morning

Xiaomi AI speaker has finally updated its second-generation product. The second-generation has a new built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway, which can finally be used as a Bluetooth gateway to help some Bluetooth devices such as air conditioners and lights in the home network, with more powerful functions. The second generation of Mi AI speakers is equipped with six ring microphones. If you have strong financial resources, you can also buy a pair of Mi AI speakers to form a stereo. At the same time, you can also support whole-house playback with other AI speakers at home, wherever you go. It is reported that the new Xiaomi AI speaker has a better bass effect than the previous generation. With the Xiaomi Mi Sound sound effect algorithm, the dynamic range of the speaker is wider. The second generation of Xiaomi AI speaker also supports cooperative wake-up. If you have multiple AI speaker devices in your home, it will intelligently choose the best way to respond. The second generation of this Xiaomi AI smart speaker is only 199 yuan (USD $28) , and will be officially launched at Xiaomi Mall at 10:00 tomorrow morning. If you like digital technology information, remember to click to subscribe.