The second factory of NIO has started construction and will be put into production in Q3 next year

# Everything about NIO 85 seems to pay attention to and mark the star electric planet News every day to check in and read to understand the transformation of the auto industry more deeply————————Production: Electric Planet News This morning, the 13th China Automobile Blue Book Forum was held Held in Hefei. However, because he is one of the "hosts," Li Bin is more like Hefei's investment ambassador in his speech. In the first half of the speech and even at the end, he did not forget to advertise Hefei. Three or four thousand yuan is saved. The reason behind it is that the cars we produced in Hefei are shipped to all parts of the country and shipped to consumers' destinations. The average mileage is the lowest. We calculated it initially. In Hefei, a car can save about 4,000 yuan (USD $571) in logistics costs, including inbound logistics and vehicle logistics. If there are 1 million vehicles, it will save 4 billion yuan.