The Redmi K40 series may have three models

According to the news on February 23, two days before the release of the Redmi K40 series mobile phones on February 25, Redmi has officially launched a lot of news on the social platform. Today, Redmi officially announced on the social platform that Redmi K40 will be the gatekeeper of flagship mobile phones. The official Redmi mobile phone said: "K40 is a bit ruthless and small goal: to be the 2021 flagship mobile phone welder! Weld the quality door; optimize the product, and continuously improve the flagship competition threshold. Weld the cost-effective door; the ultimate product, invincible Price.

Outside the door is the upgrading of competition. Inside the door, consumers continue to benefit. The user has the final say on how fast the welding is when the product is made with a "too hard" attitude." But so far, except for the two mobile phones mentioned above In addition, there is still no announcement of the third mobile phone.