The realme Q3 series won the multi-platform sales crown immediately after the launch, and the Pop-up event set off a trend of fireflies

Realme Q3 series was officially released on April 22, and the first sales of the product finally ushered in at 0:00 on April 29. On the day of the launch of the TrueWo Q3 series, the entire network sold more than 50,000 units, and immediately won the double champions in sales and sales on major e-commerce platforms such as, Tmall, and On the evening of the 29th, Sun Rui competed with these S-League players to participate in the "Qianyuan Machine King Card Game", using online and offline linkage to allow more people to participate in this flash of trend. The strong product force in conjunction with this pop-up event can be said to have pushed the "Firefly" trend to a new level. The popularity of the scene is enough to prove that the pop-up event has become a fashion icon of realme. The real Q3 Pro starts at 1599 yuan (USD $228) , the real Q3 starts at 1299 yuan (USD $186) , the real Q3i is as low as 1099 yuan (USD $157) , and the first sale is 100 off, and the minimum is only 999 yuan (USD $143) .