The programmer brother used Tesla to program and move the car to get a glimpse of the "chance": rounding can make 100 million

Recently, some programmers used their mobile phones to control their Tesla cars to avoid parking fees, which aroused heated discussions among netizens. Video According to the online video, we can see that the programmer remotely controlled his Tesla through his mobile phone and moved it back to change parking spaces. It is understood that the roadside in Beijing has realized automatic toll collection, and there is no billing for less than half an hour. The programmer's brother can change parking spaces through remote control to avoid the need to pay parking fees. Next, the little programmer continued his brainstorming. He said that if one day this function is upgraded to automatically open Didi to make money, do you think Tesla will still do auto retail? Although the programmer's mind is really big, this operation still has a certain degree of danger, and this kind of "sweeping wool" behavior is also undesirable. Don't imitate it lightly!