The price is less than 150,000, and it is impossible to make a good smart electric car

When it comes to He Xiaopeng, his statement is surprisingly consistent with Li Bin. He first revealed the overall situation of Xiaopeng Motors. Take, for example, the status of personnel. Starting a business in 2014, the goal by the end of this year is to exceed 10,000. Previously, R&D personnel accounted for more than 70%. In the last two years, excluding the first line, the proportion has exceeded 50%. Take Xiaopeng G3 as an example. The external price of G3 is between 150,000 and 210,000. With subsidies + points, the current average price is 200,000. Xiaopeng Motors is the first new car company to venture overseas. From this year onwards, Xiaopeng Motors will enter five other European countries from Norway, and several more countries will be added every year. Before the third quarter of 2020, China's electric vehicles are the number one in the world, and the proportion of new vehicles is between 4.5% and 5.6%. From a few percent of the country a year ago to 10% in a single quarter to 20%.