The official version of Apple iOS 14.5 has finally been pushed, and the phone can be unlocked with the watch

In the early hours of this morning, Apple finally released the official version of iOS 14.5 that fans have been waiting for. Why are so many fans looking forward to this version update? This starts with the updated content of this system version. This version of the system supports the use of Apple Watch to unlock the phone while wearing a mask. After the mobile phone is updated to 14.5 system and the watch is updated to Watch OS 7.4, in the settings of the face ID and password, turn on the use of Apple Watch to unlock, you can unlock the phone without removing the mask or entering the password. Some netizens may be very worried about the security of this unlocking, but Apple is still very thoughtful. In other words, if you unlock it by mistake, you can also remedy it in time. And this function can only be used to unlock the screen, higher-level payment and unlocking are not available. In addition, there is also support for the newly launched Airtag, and some emojis have been updated.