The new Xiaomi watch may support wireless charging

At present, the charging methods of wristbands and watches on the market are subject to many restrictions, and the original charging equipment is required to charge. According to the well-known digital blogger "Digital Chat Station", Xiaomi may launch a new watch that will support Qi wireless charging. In the wireless reverse charging page, the scrolling animation of the charging device may reveal that Xiaomi watches that support wireless charging are about to be launched. It is reported that the first generation of Mi Watches was officially unveiled at the Mi New Product Launch on November 5, 2019. Xiaomi officially defines a smart watch as a wrist phone, capable of doing things that most mobile phones can do. In terms of battery life, the built-in 570mAh high-capacity battery, the daily use time is up to 36 hours, and the electric shock charging base is adopted. The new Mi Watch may first change the charging method, so that when users forget to bring the charging cable to go out, they can also use wireless charging, which is very suitable for daily commuting.