The new forces are going to sea for gold. Which car companies are secretly competing?

Judging from the scale and degree of supporting facilities, NIO has many ideas for this wave of stationing in Norway. Around the beginning of this year, Xiaopeng took the lead in exporting 100 units of G3i to Norway before NIO, as the first step to open up overseas markets. Compared with Xiaopeng, SAIC's approach is much harder: in October 2020, 1,800 MG pure electric vehicles will be sold to the European market via SAIC's European self-operated routes. As for BYD, it is the kind of "two flowering" role. With the further promotion of technologies such as blade batteries, perhaps BYD can get more attention. On the other hand, in an environment where it is increasingly difficult to obtain subsidies for domestic car purchases, it is easier to attract electric car consumers by direct subsidy measures in the European market. Among the 27 member states of the European Union, at least 23 have proposed or have incentive policies, and among them there are high benefits of 5,000 euros directly to car buyers.