The mysterious star Yaohuan lens module exposes Huawei's nova8 series

On December 14th, Huawei's terminal official Weibo officially released a poster, announcing that it will hold an online conference for the new Huawei nova8 series on December 23. The poster exposed the outline of the mobile phone and the back lens module design. In addition, the product slogan "I'm in the hands of me" was also exposed for the first time. The five words are concise but full of information, and there is so much to watch. The spokesperson Yi Yanqianxi released the "One Person's Crew" themed video, further demonstrating the ability of the nova8 series in Vlog video shooting. The nova series always focuses on the needs of young people and continues to explore the field of front selfies. We can speculate that the nova8 series will continue to upgrade and break through the front lens to solve the pain points of young people's video shooting needs and provide users with more Excellent mobile phone experience. From the current news, it can be predicted that the Huawei nova8 series will have a significant improvement in the front lens, and have a more beautiful color scheme and higher appearance. What is the final mystery?