The "leapfrog" power of the True Self GT is emerging, and the super high cost performance is irresistible

In the spring test of the mobile phone industry in 2021, realme, the world's fastest-growing smartphone brand, handed in its new flagship series, Realme GT. Compared with other top flagship products, the TrueWo GT series is highly differentiated and recognizable. Based on the insight into the domestic market and the positioning of the brand's rejuvenation, the True Self GT series has also achieved leapfrog performance in terms of design under the premise of ensuring performance. Based on the brand concept of trendy play design and leapfrog performance, TrueWo GT will create the extraordinary experience of flagship smartphones for users. According to Counterpoint data, realme's global mobile phone shipments in 2020 totaled more than 42.4 million units, a global growth rate of 65% against the trend, and it is the only brand in the world that has increased by more than 60%. Continuing the strong upward momentum in 2020, realme sales will continue to grow rapidly in 2021, and the number of global users will officially exceed 70 million, and it will rank among the top five sales in 14 markets around the world. This is also the core reason why the real GT aroused heated discussions on the Internet after the price was announced.