The latest development of Tesla's rights defense incident: the female car owner arrives in Shanghai to pick up and drop off NIO's vehicle

The key lies in this Webast! It is the supplier of NIO sunroof! As things continue to ferment, especially recently, some netizens broke the news that the female Tesla owner was riding a NIO car in the process of going to Shanghai to defend her rights, and she took the auto show with the media peer certificate. In the female car owner's Douyin account, there is such a video. On the day of the Shanghai Auto Show Media Day, the female car owner posted a video. The video has a flashing screen. This screen recorded "19th" Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, media day pass, admission time is April 19", there is also a "Webast" on it, but later this video was deleted, but some careful netizens have already given this video to Download it. There is another video on the female car owner's Douyin account, which records that the female car owner took a NIO car after arriving in Shanghai. So what is the truth of the facts, we hope to find out as soon as possible.