The first batch of test models of China Insurance Research Institute announced in 2021: full of highlights

In recent years, the China Insurance Research Institute's crash test, which has an extremely stringent crash process, has attracted the attention of many consumers. Netizens have even dubbed it as a "monster mirror" for vehicle safety, revealing that consumers are paying more and more attention to vehicle safety. Higher. On April 8, China Insurance Research Institute announced the first batch of five models for crash tests in 2021, including WEY Tank 300, Mazda CX-30, Ford Ruiji, Toyota C-HR, and Citroen Tianyi C5 AIRCROSS. The performance of the two Changan joint venture models, Changan Mazda and Changan Ford Ruiji is highly anticipated; in addition, the C5 AIR CROSS is also the first model of the Citroen brand to participate in the China Insurance Research Institute. What I'm paying attention to is that last month, China Insurance Research Institute upgraded two test standards. One is that the 2020 version adds static test conditions for bumpers and full-width dynamic test conditions for front and rear bumpers in terms of crashworthiness and maintenance economy index. In addition, in terms of pedestrian safety index outside the car, pedestrian protection has been added.