The financial report builds the factory and Norway, Li Bin's user upgrade war

NIO Automobile, which was founded 6 years ago, has just passed one, and it may be the busiest Labor Day ever. But in fact, in 2021, Wei Lai and Li Bin have undergone considerable changes, becoming more comprehensive, cautious, and difficult. Li Bin hopes to strengthen NIO's autonomous driving capabilities in one step, at the cost of bringing the mass production node of core components ahead of time through higher cost and joint suppliers. The so-called lack of shortcomings, automatic driving is a key step in NIO's systematic capacity building, Li Bin must not be lost. Another impressive technological innovation of NIO comes from the battery field. Around Giga 1, Tesla has attracted a large number of suppliers including the well-known Tier 1 Valeo and metal plastic precision molding parts supplier H&T. The positioning of the suburbs of Reno City has changed from a single Tesla Gigafactory to a smart electric vehicle industry cluster. But Tesla did not stop there, and of course NIO will not.