The configuration of the new Wuling Hongguang miniEV has been announced, with air conditioners and airbags standard for all series

Last year, Wuling released its first pure electric model called Wuling Hongguang mini EV. Perhaps people in Wuling could not have imagined that its own car could be so popular. In February of this year, it surpassed Tesla Model 3 and became the world's highest-selling pure electric model. However, these shortcomings will be improved in the Macaron version released on April 8. Some time ago, Wuling announced the real car map of the new Wuling Hongguang mini EV. In addition to the new color scheme, we can see that the headlight module has been redesigned. At the same time, in terms of safety, the new Wuling Hongguang mini EV also comes standard with main driver airbags, plus ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD braking force distribution system, tire pressure monitoring, low-speed pedestrian warning system and other functions, which are safer than the old model. It's a step up.