The butterfly-shaped steering wheel is a real hammer! Tesla Model S Plaid is here: 3A masterpieces can also be played in the car

On June 11th, Tesla Model S Plaid was officially delivered overseas. Compared with the regular Model S, the new car has a significant improvement in performance. The 0-100km/h acceleration time of the vehicle is only 2.1 seconds and it has a 322km/h Extreme speed and 628km cruising range. At the delivery site, Musk said that the rear seats can have more control over the vehicle, such as the central control screen, where multiple passengers can control the music. It is understood that the chips that integrate AMD Ryzen APU and RDNA2 unique display have been applied to the 2021 Tesla Model S/X cars to support the central control and rear entertainment systems. According to the official, the Tesla car system has a processor with 10 trillion floating-point operations per second, which is comparable to the performance of the PS5 level and can play 2077-level 3A game masterpieces. In addition, Model S Plaid also created the world's first butterfly-shaped steering wheel, which is the first time it has appeared in mass-produced models. In this regard, Musk said that from a visual point of view, its main screen has a very good vision and can see the entire panoramic driving perspective, which is a cool experience.