The big screen book that flew from the show, the 8-core Light and Shadow Wizard 6 Max really attracted me

While having hardcore performance, the Light and Shadow Wizard 6 Max is also equipped with a 16.1-inch screen, which is basically the same size as a 15.6-inch gaming notebook in terms of body size. This is also an important reason that attracted me to buy, after all, the larger screen , More shocking in terms of display effects. And the thickness is only 23.5mm, which can be easily put in a conventional backpack, and it is no burden to carry on daily commuting. The left and right sides of the screen are designed with narrow bezels, and the screen-to-body ratio is as high as 80.53%, providing players with a more immersive visual experience during the game. In this age of justice, the appearance of the Light and Shadow Wizard 6 Max is simple and low-key. The skin-like coating feels not so cold. The round mirror hp LOGO in the middle shows the high-end atmosphere. This is the appearance design. Taking into account multi-scenario applications, it can be said to be Xiuwaihuizhong.