The 2nd Anniversary Edition of Peace Elite launches a new "vibration system" RichTap perfectly supports high-quality vibration experience

On April 14, "Peace Elite" launched its 2nd anniversary version, and launched a new "vibration system" through MTGPA, which fully supports the high-quality vibration functions of iOS and Android systems. Users can achieve unprecedented tactile feedback after setting relevant parameters. Experience. RichTap, as the world's leading tactile sensor, has taken the lead in supporting Tencent Games' MTGPA standard solution. Gamers using devices equipped with the RichTap solution will experience the new vibration effect brought by the "vibration system" perfectly. Shooting is one of the most important scenes of "Peace Elite", and the vibration feedback of each gun has its own characteristics. The subtle differences in tactile feedback can even be reflected in the whole process of firing operations. For example, there are different vibration feedbacks in scenes such as pulling the bolt, loading the bullet, and changing the shell. At present, RichTap has provided many mainstream mobile phone manufacturers and content providers with the development and design of high-quality tactile functions such as ringtones, music, games, expressions, audio and video, and advertising animation vibration design.