Tesla's number of supercharged piles in mainland China hits a new high, the total number exceeds 6000 piles

Bitauto News recently, we learned from officials that the number of Tesla Superchargers in mainland China officially exceeded 6,000, reaching a new milestone. It is worth mentioning that Shenzhen alone has launched 6 Tesla super charging stations, with a total of 51 super charging stations. So far, Tesla has built and opened more than 760 super charging stations and more than 700 destination charging stations in China, covering more than 300 cities, basically covering major cities across the country. This year, Tesla's charging network will be built even faster. The Tesla Shanghai Super Charging Pile Factory, which was formally established in August 2020, was officially completed and put into production in February 2021, with an initial planned annual production capacity of up to 10,000 units.