Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory will increase battery recycling facilities

Webmaster's House, April 30 news: Recently, it has been reported that Tesla plans to add electric vehicle battery recycling facilities near the Shanghai Super Factory to repair and recycle core components of electric vehicles such as power batteries and drive motors. In order to reduce the environmental impact of used parts, especially used batteries. At the same time, Tesla will also increase the manufacturing capacity of body structure components and motor controllers for the Shanghai Super Factory, but the details of the current plan have not been disclosed. Currently Tesla is located in Berlin, Germany, and Texas, both of which will be equipped with battery factories. It is not ruled out that Tesla will build a 4680 battery production plant in Shanghai in the future. At the 2020 Tesla Battery Day event, Tesla officially announced that it plans to launch a battery recycling service. The recycled lithium-ion battery packs will be processed and recycled in designated factories, and promised to ensure that waste batteries will not be landfilled. deal with.