Tesla officially delivered Model S Plaid, you can even play Witcher 3 on it

According to Reuters, Tesla will deliver the new Model S Plaid at its Fremont, California plant starting at 10 am on June 11, Beijing time. The starting price is $119,900, and the new Model S long-life version will start. The price is 79,900 US dollars. Two months later, Model S Plaid made its debut at the Laguna Seca Circuit and ran this famous California circuit in just 1 minute and 36 seconds. However, some analysts believe that the rectangular steering wheel has certain safety hazards in the actual driving process. Thanks to the built-in Tabless 4680 battery unit, in addition to having an acceleration of 100 kilometers within 2 seconds, its cruising range will exceed 520 miles. The new battery will also be used in Tesla's Cybertruck electric pickup and Semi electric truck. But unfortunately, Musk tweeted on the 6th of this month that Model S Plaid Plus has been cancelled on the grounds that "Model S Plaid is good enough."