Tesla has refunded customers for repeated charges for buying a car

It was reported on the morning of April 8th, Beijing time that at the end of the first quarter, some users who purchased new Tesla cars found themselves repeatedly charged. It is understood that Tesla has refunded customers. Previously, there were media reports about repeated charges, and YouTube broadcasters encouraged buyers to pay by check instead of letting Tesla directly transfer money from bank accounts. The customer was satisfied with Tesla's attitude, but complained that the refund was not fast enough. Six customers in California and North Carolina responded that they waited about a week before receiving a refund after complaining to Tesla. These customers received their refunds on or before April 1, which included overdraft fees. In order to compensate customers, Tesla apologized to customers via email and provided a discount of $200 in Tesla's online store. The email stated that if you want to use the quota, you must go to shop.tesla.com and use it in a single transaction. You cannot buy Tesla Tequila. The quota expires on January 30, 2022.